Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Quality from Heald Services.


Bathrooms and Wetrooms make up 75% of our Plumbing work and we strive to give you the Bathroom of your dreams, its up to you to decide how much you want us to do, we can design, supply, install to completion or simply be the on site plumber as and when required.All customers are different some want to be as involved as possible others want to disappear on holiday and return to the finished article, we work your way.

Wetrooms are all the rage, unfortunately poorly installed Wetrooms can cause a lot of problems but we have managed to resolve numerous wet room issues with a bit of perseverance and remedial work, so before you rip it out give us a call and we can possibly remedy leaking systems without too much upheaval.On the other hand professionally installed systems not only look great they are great and often become the showpiece of the house, we have installed Wedi, Aquadec and Roman Wetroom systems and will happily advise, design, install to your specifications.

Please look at the Bathroom Galleries to see some of our previous installs.

If you have any queries in relation to Bathroom or Wetroom Installation please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.